What do our readers think?

Readers of this blog have some strong views on a diverse range of subjects, as can be seen from the results of our surveys.

In this survey, last April, we asked whether you used the term IP or IPR.  70% of you preferred IP, with only 10% choosing IPR.

In May, we asked which advertising option we should select, for advertising in a publication that had awarded Anderson Law LLP the accolade, UK Life Sciences Law Firm of the Year 2011.  A massive 78% of you thought we should not select any of the options, as they were all a complete waste of money.  We followed your advice!

In October, opinions were divided on whether the UK Government should support the proposed EU contract law.  50% thought the proposal should be opposed, while 36% thought we should make the best of a bad job and focus on securing detailed improvements to the law.

Now for another survey.  We would like to know what you think about the idea that the UK Government should introduce a new Copyright Act, following the current consultation exercise over last year’s Hargreaves Report.  IP Draughts argued for a new Act in a recent posting here, but don’t let that influence you (too much!)  Please complete the survey below.

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