Our 2012 contract drafting courses are open for booking

In 2011, we dipped a toe in the water by running a public course on contract drafting without the involvement of a commercial conference organiser.  Encouraged by the success of that event, Contract Drafting: An Advanced Level Workshop, we will be running a series of courses in 2012, in London.  The location has yet to be determined, but the previous course was held at the UCL Faculty of Laws, within a short walking distance of Euston and King’s Cross Stations.

On 27th March 2012, we will be running Introduction to Contracts: An Entry-Level Course for Contract Reviewers and Administrators.  This course explains some of the practical aspects of contract review, revision, approval, signature and ongoing administration, as well as terminating contracts and handling contract disputes.  Versions of this course have previously been given to a group of engineers in a utility company, a group of university contract administrators, and a group of secretaries in a media company’s legal department.  A course brochure can be found here.

On 24th April 2012, we will be running Drafting and Understanding Legal Provisions in Contracts.  This course focuses on those clauses in contracts that are often considered ‘difficult’ and are usually left to the lawyers to negotiate, although they raise important commercial issues of risk and liability.  The topics that we cover include warranties, indemnities and boilerplate clauses.  The course explains why these clauses are important, discusses their legal context and some of the commercial issues that arise when negotiating them, and gives practical guidance on their drafting.  The course is suitable for lawyers and experienced contract drafters/negotiators.  A course brochure can be found here.

On 22nd May 2012, we will be re-running Contract Drafting: An Advanced Level WorkshopThis course is designed for experienced contract drafters (who may be lawyers or non-lawyers) who have already been on entry-level courses and wish to learn more about the principles of good contract drafting, and to undertake some practical exercises.  A course brochure can be found here.

After a hard day's study, watch the sunset

Please email courses@andlaw.eu if you would like to register on one or more of these courses, or have any questions about them.  Each course costs £350 plus VAT.  Please note that there is a 10% discount if more than one person from an organisation attends, or if you book on more than one course.

We can also run in-house courses for you, which can be tailored to your specific requirements.  Topics on which we have given talks in the past include:

  • introduction to business law for entrepreneurs
  • introduction to intellectual property (IP)
  • contract drafting (intermediate level)
  • IP agreements
  • R&D agreements
  • university research contracts
  • confidentiality agreements
  • preliminary agreements (MTAs, term sheets, options, etc)
  • clinical trials agreements
  • information technology agreements (including open source licensing)
  • technology licensing masterclass
  • particular aspects of agreements (eg financial terms)

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One response to “Our 2012 contract drafting courses are open for booking

  1. It’s great that you’re teaching this stuff! The world definitely needs good advice for better contract drafting.

    The tool I’m working on (Ridacto — http://www.ridacto.com) is designed specifically to help attorneys and business professionals create more bulletproof legal contracts, and I hope it can fit well with the mission you’re working to accomplish. Best of luck, and thanks for sharing!

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