Happy Christmas to our readers; caption competition

IP Draughts and his team of bloggers wish all our readers a very happy Christmas and and best wishes for the New Year!

We thought this would be a good time to update you on our blog’s progress.

The IP Draughts blog started in March 2011.  Since then, we have posted 148 articles, attracted 0ver 250 subscribers, and received over 100 comments and over 24,000 “hits” on the site.

Our most-read postings, apart from the home page and an article that features in searches on consumer law (several per day), are:

  1. Assignment and change of control: vital boilerplate clauses in IP agreements?
  2. Top 10 howlers when preparing contracts for signature
  3. 10 words and phrases you should never use in IP contracts

Caption competition

In our alternative life as Anderson Law LLP, we recently sent out Christmas cards to our clients, contacts and other friends.  The version of the card shown on this page was vetoed on the grounds of the unusual expression on the snowman’s face, but IP Draughts thinks it deserves an airing.  (Click on the image to increase its size.)

What is the snowman thinking or saying?  The person who provides the most amusing (and clean) answer to this question, as judged by IP Draughts, will receive a free copy of our forthcoming publication, A-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses (Anderson and Warner, 3rd edn, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012).  Please send your entries by email to mark@andlaw.eu, stating your name and the address to send the book if you win.  Answers may be published, and the winner will be announced in January.


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2 responses to “Happy Christmas to our readers; caption competition

  1. Vance Koven

    Oi, you in the sleigh! You nicked me ‘at!

  2. Mr Pettifog’s entry is: “Un-and me, you bounder!”

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