Postgraduate diploma in IP transactions – an update

Which university will it be?

Update on 14 August 2012: as people are still reading this page, it may be worth pointing out that a more recent posting here describes the course that has been developed since the posting below was written, almost exactly a year ago.  This course will be run at University College London from 11th to 15th February 2013.


Your correspondent is currently working on a course programme for a 2-week residential course, which would form part of our proposed postgraduate diploma in IP transactions.  The law faculty of a leading UK university has shown strong interest in hosting the course, so we are working up more detailed proposals.  We hope to start running the course from Autumn 2012, although this timetable is tight for getting through the university’s procedures.

Please let Mark know (01865 858 878 or if you are an experienced IP lawyer and interested in helping to run the course, or even mildly curious about how it will work.  We will need at least a dozen or so individuals or teams (eg a team comprising members of an IP department of a law firm) to teach on (a) specific legal topics, including the different categories of IP, contract laws, competition laws, insolvency, tax, and security over IP, (b) practice in particular industry sectors, eg media, IT, sponsorship, life sciences and university technology transfer, and (c) particular types of transaction, eg M&A, government contracting, research collaborations, software licensing, and so on.

Running an academic course may not be the most highly-paid activity in the world, but there are some consolations in doing non-fee-earning work.  On your correspondent’s desk is a recent statement from the Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society, which informs us that we are about to be paid £127.72 as royalties for photocopying our books.  This includes the sum of £0.37 (less commission of 9.75%) from the British Library for photocopying our book Drafting Confidentiality Agreements.

Note to self: must drum up some more fee-paying business…

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