Advanced level course in contract drafting: 8th November in London

We are running an experiment this Autumn: presenting a one-day, advanced-level course in contract drafting, and doing so without the involvement of a commercial conference organiser.  As a result, we can offer a price per attendee of £350 plus VAT.  Alternatively, if you have several people who might want to attend, we can run the course in-house at your premises for a fixed fee.

The course is planned to run on 8th November 2011 in London.  It is designed for experienced drafters who have probably already attended intermediate level courses on contract drafting.  A course brochure was circulated some time ago, and we received some provisional bookings, but we need a few more to make the course viable.

Would you be interested in attending this course?  The course brochure can be found here.  The course has been run before with a commercial conference organiser, and some feedback from the previous outing is included in the brochure.  Please contact Mark at or on 01865 858 878 if you are interested.

Our book on drafting contracts - click on the image for a link to the publisher's website

Details of some of our other courses can be found here.  Over the next 12 months we will be giving talks on drafting legal clauses in commercial contracts, IP licensing, R&D contracts, and clinical trial agreements (and possibly some other subjects).  Mark has been running training courses for lawyers and commercial managers for over 10 years; and more recently, Paul, Stephen and Lisa have given training courses on commercial and IP subjects. Please let Mark know if you are interested in having us give one of these courses, or a tailored course, at your premises.

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