Postgraduate course in IP transactions

We need to establish a really good course on the law and practice of IP transactions, which lawyers, licensing executives and others can take early in their careers.

Some good UK courses already exist.  For the last few years, many junior IP lawyers in specialist IP departments/firms have attended the Oxford University IP diploma course.  My partner Paul Maclennan attended the course a few years ago, and our associate Lisa Allebone PhD attended it this year.  The emphasis of that course is on the details of IP law, including aspects relevant to obtaining and litigating IP, and less on IP transactions.

For technology transfer executives at universities, there are courses on IP licensing that include teaching on the content of licence agreements.  For example, we help to teach the PraxisUnico Advanced Licensing course in the UK, and various courses run by ASTP throughout Europe.  We also run commercial, one-day courses for practitioners, including courses for Hawksmere and Management Forum.

What we feel is lacking, though, is a specialist course (perhaps an LLM or postgraduate diploma) that would provide in-depth training on the legal aspects of IP transactions.  This would include IP law but would also cover relevant aspects of other areas of law such as contract, employment, property, tax, insolvency and security over IP.  It would also cover contract drafting skills, and commercial practice in different industry sectors.  The course would be both academically rigorous and commercially practical.

A draft syllabus can be found on the Anderson Law website here.  We would welcome your comments on the syllabus and whether you would attend, or encourage your junior colleagues to attend, a course based on this syllabus.  Please either use the comment function on this posting or send me an email privately to

You may also find details of this draft syllabus on the IPKat blog.

My assumption is that this course would be run at a leading UK university, but I don’t rule out the possibility of a university somewhere else in Northern Europe taking it on.  I am assuming that it would be hosted by a faculty of laws, but it is possible that a business school might be interested.

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