Strange but true

Browsing the open questions on LinkedIn recently, I came across this:

Where can I find a list of libertarian law firms? Or Tea Party law firms? Or in general see a breakdown of political views of law firms? Especially ones that deal with intellectual property.

Several of the answers pointed out that commercial law firms generally don’t claim allegiance to a political party, although individuals within those firms may have strong political views.  Jonathan Djanogly, former corporate lawyer at SJ Berwin, and now a junior minister in the UK Government, springs to mind.  To provide a kind of political balance (and mention someone who works, at least part of the time, in the IP field), perhaps we should refer to Mark Stephens of Finer Stephens Innocent, who was on the radio yesterday describing his work over many years for Arthur Scargill.  On second thoughts, Mr Stephens probably has enough publicity already.  Do readers know of any other UK IP lawyers who have well-known political views?

By way of incentive, I will tell my Arthur Scargill anecdote to the person who provides the best response.  The anecdote has the punchline “The b****r’s only given us 20p!”

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