Introducing the team

After a wonderful official launch on Monday (thanks largely to a mention in IPKat, we received 381 page views and 39 email subscribers on that day) and a couple of weeks of posting, I thought it was time to introduce our blogging team.

Behind the scenes, AnnMarie Humphries, trainee solicitor extraordinaire, has been project managing the enterprise to outstanding effect. I hope she will post something in her own right soon! However, this may have to wait until after the weekend, as on Sunday she will be running the London Marathon.

Stephen Brett has been beavering away with articles about data protection, defamation, contract formation and other topical legal subjects, whilst Lisa Allebone has contributed articles on the execution of deeds and UK Government proposals for healthcare regulatory reform. Lisa is currently undertaking the Oxford University IP Diploma course as well as being kept busy by clients, so she doesn’t have much free time at present.

Paul Maclennan is also very busy at the moment, but has promised some articles soon; perhaps one will be on the subject of open source software licensing, which he knows a great deal about. Lionel Jermy, our tax expert, has recently completed a guide for a university client on the tax aspects of spin-outs, which must surely yield some interesting blog articles. We hope to bring you a regular diet of articles on subjects relevant to the non-contentious side of IP and commercial practice.

Finally, I should make clear that, although we are trying to improve our marketing activities, I am NOT the author of “Hi There! I’m Mark“, a book that my namesake has recently published in the US. Some of our books are mentioned on the Amazon website here.

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