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Speculation is growing in IP circles as to why the office of the UK’s Intellectual Property Minister, Baroness Wilcox seems to be unable or unwilling to arrange a meeting between their minister and representatives of IP solicitors. This, despite the intercession of the Law Society’s government relations department and a personal assurance from the minister to a senior IP solicitor that she would ensure the meeting took place. There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that the IP solicitors in question have forgotten what they wanted to talk to her about, as it is so long since the meeting was first proposed.

It is pure guesswork on our part that the minister is about to become the next President of FIFA, following a similar career path to a former IP minister who moved from that post to become Chairman of the Football Association. Or that she feels she has had enough discussions with the IP profession, after her meeting with representatives of CIPA.

Still no news on whether David Kitchin will be elevated to the Court of Appeal of England and Wales, to replace Robin Jacob as the specialist IP judge there. The latest word is that this will become clear in May.

Finally, we hear that a well-known IP solicitor, who has warned her clients about scam invoices that appear to come from IP registries, was fooled by one herself and was only saved by the timely intervention of her assistant. Who, we wonder, could this be?

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