NY Confidential

News from New York: congratulations to Kenneth Adams on the launch today of Koncision‘s first product, a confidentiality agreement template. Ken has been working on this project for several months, and he must be relieved to see the first product finally coming to fruition.

The template embodies the contract drafting principles that Ken advocates in his book, A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting (second edition, American Bar Association, 2008).  IP Draughts agrees with most of the recommendations set out in this valuable book.  Occasionally, we think its recommendations reflect US law and practice and may not entirely translate to other jurisdictions (although Ken would disagree), but this is a minor quibble compared with the eminent good sense of much of its content.

The Koncision project reveals Ken putting his head above the parapet and drafting complete contracts for use in real life.  Practising lawyers want contracts to be not only be clear and readable, but also (as far as possible) “bullet proof” in the event of litigation, taking account of the human imperfections of judges and the vagaries of case law.  IP Draughts is confident that the Koncision templates will achieve all of these objectives.

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