Why is this blog called IP Draughts?

This blog is mainly about intellectual property (IP) contracts. We wanted to find a name for the blog that was distinctive yet not too silly or misleading. IPContracts seemed a bit dull.  GossIP was a candidate, but was rejected, partly because of the number of gossip-related blogs, as were quIP (or e-quIP), drIPfeed, and various other names that seemed good at first.

IP Draughts is original, distinctive (we think) and has some relevance to our intended subject-matter.  Draught (also spelt “draft”) has multiple meanings, most of which relate in some way to drawing, including:

  • contract drafting (okay, this is the more usual spelling, even in UK English)
  • draughtsman, eg someone who does technical drawing
  • draught beer, better than that keg stuff
  • the game of draughts (also known as checkers); less taxing on the brain than chess (by the way, we will continue to put detailed commentary on legal subjects on the Anderson & Company website)
  • draught horses, used to pulling heavy loads
  • draughts, ie currents of air

Some or all of these meanings could be relevant, but the acid test is “does the name work for you?”  Please let us know via comments.


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